The Chippewa ~ Rogues Hollow Historical Society seeks help with our
2021-22 theme based on SERVICE

      Many from our area have served in the military, police/fire
department and local government. The society's focus these past 2 years
has been centered on the school system, with many great photos and
artifacts on display. As we at the Chidester Mill seek to continue
honoring the history of Doylestown and Chippewa Township, there is no
better theme for us to explore next than that of the dedication and
sacrifice made by so many to keep our community as we know it.

      Over the course of 2021-22, we will be posting many new pictures
and artifacts for you to enjoy.  We are also looking for any photos,
memorabilia, uniforms or items of interest that you may be willing to
share. Whether as a permanent donation to the society,  on temporary
display, or just a snapshot that we can use online, anything you have to
offer will be most welcome!!

      Video Archive:  for those willing to verbally tell your story or
that of someone no longer with us, we are now hosting interviews to
preserve your information digitally. The knowledge and experiences you
have are a vital part of the local history and we wish to preserve them
for future generations to hear.

      Please consider helping with this effort.  Feel free to call or
text (330) 419-0504 with any questions. Your input matters greatly!!!

      Thank you for your time and support.


            Chippewa Rogues Hollow Historical Society

            Eric Pandrea   ~   current President